These concerts will take place in a major league baseball or college/NFL football stadium.  It is planned for the concerts to be filmed for television, with multiple media outlets covering the events live.  The concert events will feature celebrity hosts, and many heartwarming stories and presentations, including the giving away of 4 brand new homes to homeless military families.  We will be bringing in military and their families from all over the country for the concerts, including the wounded at Walter Reed Hospital.  It is our goal, working with sponsors and other organizations, to set a record at the concert events for the largest gathering of military and their families in one place.

Other fundraising events are planned, one each quarter of the year, offering a wide array of items for silent auction, such as driving a NASCAR experience, a walk-on role in a television show and/or film, and lunch with a television or film celebrity.  

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National Foundation for Military Family Support

our mission

The first step is working to raise the public's awareness of the issues facing our military personnel and their families, and ask for their assistance to meet the needs. Those associated with NFMFS come from various industries and walks of life, from eduction to motion pictures and television professionals, and retired military personnel.  Our dream is to see each soldier and their family receive the appropriate mental and medical services, find a good job, and meet their financial needs. It is our plan to put all of our programs into immediate effect, starting with the medical and mental assistance.  Our soldiers are provided with benefits through the VA, but in many cases they have a long wait before care can be administered.  It is our goal to see that they receive the immediate care they deserve.

To give back to those who give their all

The National Foundation for Military Family Support (NFMFS) is a founded non-profit military support charity to help military members and their families meet specific urgent needs.  Although there are other great military charities who help our heroes, NFMFS is being established to help in focused areas not widely covered by other foundations.


NFMFS programs will be driven not only from donations, but special fundraising events.  The forefront events are two annual concerts, which would account for 90% of all annual income for the foundation.  The concert series, a festival style concert event, will be called “SaluteFest”, taking place in December and June each year.  The December concert event will be subtitled “Country Salutes the Troops”, and featuring the biggest names in country music.  The June concert event will be subtitled “Rockin’ with the Troops”, featuring the biggest names in pop/rock/r&b.