Providing assistance and resources for a mostly unrecognized need for many military families, those with special needs children.


NFMFS has established programs designed to meet specific urgent needs for our service men and women, as well as their families.

         vethire work assistance



A program developed to use resources to identify and assist those quietly suffering and feel that suicide is their only option.

 Vetcare medical & mental

 edmil scholarships




Educating our vets on the job market, skills needed, resume preparation, and connecting them with employers.

Establishing a national network of doctors and psychiatrist to provide free immediate care for our vets and their families.

National Foundation for Military Family Support

 Special child

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 rescue vet

Scholarship programs to help the military vets and their families get the college education that they need and desire.

Program brings Hollywood together with Vets looking for a new career to make films that will benefit military families in need.

Providing much needed  immediate financial assistance, which includes food and housing, when no other resources are available to them.


         financial assistance

‚ÄčNFMFS is working to establish a national network of medical and mental professionals willing to donate their services and provide immediate care for our vets and their families in each state.  This program is designed with many layers.  First, reaching out to our vets and families to let them know there are people who care and asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of.  Next, to locate a medical and/or mental physician near their location to provide care.  

The newest program is Hollywood Vets (formerly known as Hollywood for Heroes) which has garnered much attention in the media, such as the Fox News article when the program was launched.  The program provides military vets seeking a new career in civilian life with the opportunity to learn film and television production first-hand, working along side Hollywood professionals in making films.  Hollywood Vets program provides them with an opportunity, if they wish, of a film school education, while helping fellow vets and families in urgent need.

Our scholarship program is designed to help children of our vets, including those of our fallen soldiers receive an education that otherwise would not be possible.  The program will also help vets prepare for their life after the military.

The VetHire program is a multi-level program that will educate vets on the civilian job market and how to find a job.  This includes learning skills needed for specific job areas, how to prepare a resume and how to prepare for an interview.  The foundation also plans to educate employers on the importance of hiring our vets, and connecting vets with job recruiters and employment specialists.

Many military families do not have proper financial resources to meet their needs and struggle on a daily basis.  In addition to these programs, NFMFS wants to help these families, both through this foundation as well as partnering with other foundations to meet these needs.  To do so, donations and fundraising events are crucial.  NFMFS will be launching a series of fundraising events to begin providing much needed resources and assistance.  This will include an annual fundraising gala, grow our corporate sponsors roster, quarterly fund-raising events, and two major fundraising concerts.  The two concerts, a pop rock show in June, and a country show in December, will be held in major league baseball and college/NFL stadiums.  With the help of sponsors, we want to fill many of the seats with military and their families, giving them not only assistance, but much needed entertainment.

These programs can provide a much-needed relief for vets and their families, giving them hope and relief from the issues that they are facing.  It is also our hope that we can help decrease the suicide rate by giving the distress parties options. 

If you or someone that you know (currently serving, veteran, or family member) in need of assistance, please contact us so that we may be of some assistance.